• With love & Pride

About us

FIRST THERE WAS LOVE, then there was the idea to dare the pas de deux in creativity aswell. Founded in 2015 by graphicdesigner Ulla Klopf and artist Ute Baurecker, PABUKU – The Quirky Paperie is a greeting card label with the passionate mission to create high level greeting cards in a colourful diverse context and to go for international distribution via brick and mortar retailers and selected online shops. It‘s the first label offering such a wide range of event- and statementcards – far away from heteronormative stereotypes – with subtle images packed with wit and verve. Influenced by the aesthetics of handlettering and woodcut with a passion for letterpress printing and tactile paper and the background of handcrafted quality, more than one hundred years old illustrations from the Victorian time are selected with lots of love and with an eye on tiny details to be rearranged as storytelling images in the line with the maxim „Normal is just an Illusion“. At the same time these whimsical images give plenty of space for individual interpretation and a very personal touch to each card. Prime quality in design, content, appealing haptics and print, up to the compostable transparent packaging make the magic of PABUKU’s greeting cards.

ULLA KLOPF is graphic designer, illustrator and artist, with the experience working for big and small clients, on exhibition designs or projects like designing a tour through a 500 year old mill  … always with a passion for tactile design elements and materials like fine papers and print enhancement. Learning her business in those days when it was still analog, she transferred her skills and now benefits from her knowledge from the very beginning of her creative career. She loves creating paperkites, letterpress printing, collecting small beautiful things made by nature and georgeous finds and not to forget good food from around the world and snowboarding.

UTE BAURECKER finished her artistic studies as sculptress in 2002 with a knack for various materials and received an additional degree in media design in 2011. Her extensive experience in sales goes well with her keen sense for people and her love for good communication with partners and customers. Starting as a great storyteller for her own little nephews, her skills are now priceless for the development of new card images. Beside that she finds her balance in spontaneous sketching, gardening and gathering wild fruits and herbs for her delicious french crêpes and galettes and listening to the stories told by her nephews.

We believe in

  • Creating with love 6 pride … it comes straight from the heart
  • The magic of creative designs with a meaningful purpose
  • Storytelling as universal language
  • Open minds & diversity
  • Production excellence, regional, sustainable and fair
  • Normal is just an illusion
  • Our partners and customers – you are the best!  Thanks.

How we work

We love collecting breathtaking historical books and selecting unique illustrations for our fancy archive. Already having little stories in mind we browse through the pages. Symbols and stories will later on give plenty of room for personal interpretations.

Open for new ideas we choose bits and pieces and optimize the elements. Rearranged and loaded with new meaning, whimsical new illustrations grow before our eyes. In the meantime questioning all details again and again we keep following our coherent approach that excites us.

PABUKU designs are colourful arrangements brought to you on haptical white board. You immediately will love it when you touch it. Through the extraordinary knowledge and skills of our lokal printer, magical creations with wit and verve come to life.

Stunning quality in every tiny detail!

Let’s work Together.

You are open-minded, loving our designs and statements? You are having a cool store?
Our mission is to bring PABUKU to lokal shops around the world!